Architecture for Man’s Best Friend

Architecture for Man’s Best Friend from Artful Dogs

Artful Dogs specializes in functional art for dogs and the people who love them. Designed by an architect, our indoor doghouses and kennel covers resemble architectural masterpieces. They provide not only a private pet getaway near the family, but a work of art to enhance the interior of your home. While our focus is dogs, we also cater to other pets.

Our houses and kennel covers are available in three architectural designs; the Prairie Style, the Palladian, and the Gaudi House of Bones. We have sizes for small, medium, and large dogs, and also a size appropriate for a cat or another small pet. The house design has a platform for your pet’s bed, while the kennel cover slides over a standard metal crate. The kennel door can then be operated with the cover in place. For cat lovers, our litter box cover hides your cat’s litter pan, giving your cat much-needed privacy. Accessories for each design are also available.

All architectural pieces are built of wood, hand-painted, and signed by the artist. We use eggshell acrylic enamel paints, suitable for indoors only. The finishes are washable. There are several paint schemes available for each architectural style, and custom colors can also be accommodated. Raised feeders are available in small, medium, and large. Details on price and ordering can be found here.

Prairie Style:
Sundance (Shown in photo)
Radium Red
Ebony Palette

Prairie Feeder:
Prairie feeder

Prairie doghouse

Prairie Style Doghouse and Chopper
Color: Sundance

Green Marble (Shown in photo)
Imperial Brown Marble
Antique/Distressed White

Palladian feeder:
Palladium feeder

Palladian doghouse

Palladian Kennel Cover and Gindy
Color: Green Marble

House of Bones:
Spanish Tile (Shown in photo)
Very Verde

House of Bones feeder:
House of Bones feeder

House of Bones doghouse

House of Bones Doghouse
Spanish Tile